Best Kayak Accessories For 2023

Whether you are looking for a way to add comfort, fun, or practicality to your Kayaking adventure, these best kayak accessories for you. They range from seats to paddles, from life jackets to dry bags.

It doesn’t matter if you have an inflatable kayak, fishing kayak, ocean kayak, or general recreational kayak. This kayak gear will work for you. Just think of the type of kayaking you will be doing when deciding which exact brand and model of kayak gear to go with.

Best Kayak Gear Accessories

Typical gear for your kayak includes accessories that help move and store your kayak. 

Think of the best kayak accessories that help make things easier such as a cart to wheel the kayak to the water and a simple, secure way to transport your kayak on top of your car.

Kayak Cart

A kayak cart is a must if you are not looking forward to carrying your Kayak to and from the water. Some Kayaking launch spots are not far from the car unloading spot, but it’s still a hassle especially if you don’t have a second person to help.

Things to look for are wheels that can withstand the type of terrain you’ll be rolling your kayak over, such as soft sand or puncture-proof wheels for rocks.

A kayak cart such as the RAILBLAZA C-Tug Kayak Cart also comes apart to fit in your kayak’s hill while you’re kayaking. The material is also weather resistant to last through the terrain and fresh or saltwater. 

Even with two people, my husband and I expend a lot of energy carrying our double Kayak while keeping our 2 kids close by as we walk to the water.

Kayak Roof Rack

Not all roof racks are created equal. The last thing you want is the awful noise of the Kayak roof rack straps flapping in the wind down the freeway. 

Part of it is ensuring everything is secured properly, but a really good roof rack can also make a big difference.

We are in love with our Hey Trip Kayak roof rack. Its soft non-slip pads and simple strap system are effective and quiet.

This particular Kayak roof rack system comes for cars that have built-in roof racks and cars without built-in roof racks.

Best Kayak Accessories

Kayak Storage Rack 

A kayak accessory to help you store your Kayak helps keep it in good condition and out of the way.

There are many different types of kayak storage racks including a pully system, a free-standing kayak storage rack, and kayak storage wall mounts.

We personally love the kayak storage rack pulley system to store the kayak above our cars in the garage. This helps keep the floor space clear. All we have to do is back the cars out of the garage, lower the kayak down, then load it up onto our kayak roof rack.

If you have floor space in your garage or storage area, a free-standing kayak storage rack helps make storing it and taking it off the rack a little easier. 

Kayak Paddle Leash

Make sure you have a kayak paddle leash or a paddle float for extra security to not lose your paddle. This is especially useful if you are fishing from your kayak or decide to go for a swim.

This kayak paddle leash wraps around the paddle handle with velcro and clips onto the kayak. You can even use this kayak lanyard for your gear, which is very useful if you accidentally tip over. 

Be sure to buy a bright color to make it stand out a bit more if there is an emergency.

Kayak Anchor

A kayak anchor is great for fishing, photography, or just taking in the view. 

Simply stop at a good spot, release your anchor, and focus on your activity instead of keeping the kayak from floating away with the current.

Look for a kayak anchor that is collapsible for easy storage. The Gradient Fitness Marine Anchor is a kayak anchor that only weighs 3.5 pounds, has a buoy attached, and comes with a padded storage bag.

Best Kayak Food Accessories 

What’s a day out on the water without some refreshments? 

Whether you’re towing along a water bottle or beverage cans, these best kayak accessories are perfect for your day of kayaking.

Kayak Cooler

By using a kayak cooler you can take your food and drinks out on the water with you without a bulky cooler getting in the way.

Look for a kayak cooler that is compatible with the back of your Kayak seat. 

The Yakhacker Kayak Cooler straps onto the back of your kayak seat for easy access. It keeps food and drinks cold all day and is leakproof.

If you don’t have lawn chair-style kayak seats, you can use any portable cooler that has straps you can use for tying it to the kayak. Use a bungee cord for an easy hook-up in front of or behind your kayak seat.

No Tip Cooler Can

This is more for fun than anything, but still a great kayak accessory. The Toadfish Non-tipping cooler can keeps your drink cold and keeps it steady on the kayak. 

It won’t stay well in rough water or through rigorous paddling, but it stayed very well on our Kayak while paddling on a calm lake.

Plus it really does keep your can cold and has a great non-tipping suction grip.

Best Kayak Safety Gear 

Safety first with these kayak accessories. Along with your first aid kit, make sure you have these items ready to go.

An extra tip: restock your first aid kit before every kayaking day and restock it right after each kayak adventure. This makes sure you’re always well stocked and well prepared should you need any first aid gear.

Life Jacket (Personal Flotation Device)

This may seem obvious, but a necessary kayak accessory is a personal flotation device. 

There are so many life jacket styles and colors to choose from. Make sure your personal flotation device fits you properly before you head out onto the water.

For a family kayaking day, the kid’s life jacket will have different strap designs depending on their age. Child-sized life jackets also are typically sold by the child’s weight, not age.


Sunscreen is always a necessary accessory for any outdoor adventure.

You are sitting on a kayak in the sun and the sun is being reflected off the water, making extra sun protection necessary.

Pick a sunscreen that is water resistant so it will still do its job if you get wet. Don’t forget to reapply as needed!

Best Comfort Kayak Accessories 

Many of the best kayak accessories can make your kayaking adventure more comfortable.

When we kayak the biggest issue on comfort is if things get wet that shouldn’t get wet. These accessories help with that

Dry Bag

Dry bags keep your gear dry just like the name suggests. 

There are a lot of sizes and types of dry bags to choose from, so find out what type of gear and how much you will need to put in the dry bag. 

It depends if you have others staying behind on the shore to watch the gear, or if you need to take it all with you. 

We love our backpack dry bag from our quarterly Nomadit subscription box. It fits a lot and can be used as a backpack, perfect for carrying the gear to and from the car. 

If you don’t think a dry bag is necessary, take a regular bag and see how wet it gets after some paddling.

Sand Cloud Towel

A towel is a helpful Kayak accessory. The Sand Cloud Towel is perfect because it is a lightweight quick-dry towel that doesn’t have the sand stick to it.

They come in a variety of designs and can also be used as a blanket or picnic blanket.

We love our Sand Cloud towels (I have a few of their Disney designs!). They actually do dry fast and don’t have the sand stick when you pick it up off the ground.

Best Kayak Fishing Accessories 

Fishing is a common activity to do while Kayaking, so it’s no surprise there are some great Kayak fishing accessories.

Take your fishing net and fishing kayak out on the water along with these other essential fishing gear.

Rod Holder

A rod holder is used to store your fishing rod when not in use, so it doesn’t fall over or get tangled up in the kayak. 

There are many different fishing rods such as spinning or casting rods, that can all be different lengths. The best kayak rod holder will be able to accommodate different types of rods.

A rod leash is also something to think about among your collection of fishing kayak accessories. Think about where you are fishing and if a rod leash would be useful in addition to a fishing rod holder.

Fish Finder

A fish finder is another must-have for Kayak fishing gear. 

It helps you locate the best spot to cast your line and also lets you know which fish are nearby. 

A fish finder, like this portable kayak fish finder, tells you the water depth and where fish are located.

Other fish finders you can use while kayak fishing have more features. The Garmin Striker fish finder for any boat also lets you mark hot spots and share your fishing routes. Although more expensive than a simple, portable fish finder, the Garmin Striker allows you to connect with your fishing community and save data for future kayak fishing. 

Summary of Best Kayak Accessories

The most essential kayak accessories are your safety gear accessories. A basic first aid kit and a life jacket are minimum requirements.

Kayaking gear includes accessories that help you move and store your kayak.

Additional best kayak accessories include comfort items such as a kayak cooler or practical items like a dry bag. One of the most underrated items is a leash for your paddle. You really don’t want to lose your kayak paddle while you’re out on the water. It can be difficult to get back, especially if you are sea kayaking or on a river with a strong current.

The last set of kayak gear would be kayak fishing accessories for getting two activities bundled into one: fishing and kayaking.

Some of this kayaking gear is even great for a paddle board such as the paddle holder, kayak anchor, and general safety gear. Even the kayak storage rack can work for your storing your paddle board as well.

Pick what will work best for the type of kayaking you want to do, and have fun out on the water.

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